6 6, 2009, the Commission will come to the good news of the 2016 Green Fair: as of the end of 6, the initial implementation of the project will be signed by the Qing Qing 394, with a total investment of 165 billion 907 million yuan, the completion of the signing of the target task of 92.17%. Among them, the total investment of more than 1 billion yuan in a total of 38 projects, accounting for the total investment of the project intends to sign a total of $54.67%.

since last year, our province by the provincial leadership led investment, departments, and enterprises in the park to promote trade, Green Fair this year to be contracted projects to accomplish the task of good progress, our province to promote the adjustment of industrial structure, promoting transformation, accelerate the implementation of the supply side to inject new vitality, new impetus to structural reforms.

according to the introduction, has initially identified more than 1 billion yuan of large projects covering new energy, new materials, non-ferrous metals, energy saving and environmental protection, chemical industry and other industries and agriculture and animal husbandry, trade logistics, cultural tourism, finance and other key areas, including new materials, project 7, project 6, new energy, energy saving and environmental protection projects 2 item. In addition, there are a large number of projects, including finance, trade and logistics, cultural tourism, agriculture, animal husbandry and other areas. These projects will play an important role in the extension of the existing industrial chain in our province, the completion of the industry short board, enhance the competitiveness of related industries and strong innovation, promote and so on.


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