Green credit

reporter recently held from the Provincial Bureau of the province’s banking banking industry development achievements exhibition was informed that, as of 11 at the end of 2016, the province’s green credit balance of 195 billion 111 million yuan, an increase of 36 billion 434 million yuan, an increase of 22.96%, the green credit coverage rate reached 35.61%, the index is much higher than the national average, effectively boosting the structural reform the supply side and industrial transformation and upgrading, support the Qinghai green, low carbon, the development of circular economy.

Qinghai green economic development, banking responsibility. Since last year, the Qinghai banking regulatory bureau to actively adapt to the new economic norm, to guide the deployment of the province’s banking financial institutions focusing on the national ecological civilization construction of the strategic layout and ecological province, and actively promote the construction of long-term mechanism of green credit; the banking industry on the development of green credit has made positive efforts and exploration, effective practices, harvest their own the characteristics of the successful experience and the latest achievements.

Agricultural Bank branch in Qinghai province Chinese green credit combined with the rural homestead system reform pilot, the "two rights" mortgage ICBC; Qinghai branch of active docking green industry, support the Sanjiang source of ecological environmental protection and other major construction projects; Chinese Bank branch in Qinghai province to establish a green credit appraisal system and incentive mechanism. Green credit will be incorporated into the internal inspection; Chinese Bank branch in Qinghai province innovation "forest right Tongbao" and "green bonds" and "Chinese wolfberry reign and other green credit products; Xining branch of Shanghai Pudong Development Bank to actively promote the" five plates, ten "green financial product innovation and service system construction; agricultural institutions developed such as" antelope moving credit "," organic revolving credit "and" green farming loans "," green tourism loans "and other more than 20 kinds of green credit Product demonstration; National Development Bank branch in Qinghai province Xining City concentrated sludge disposal project financing commitments; Xining branch of China Merchants Bank to actively carry out the green credit notes around the pool business and supply chain financing business; Industrial Bank Qinghai branch of the green industry base landing 2 gold pen, support the Haixi Mongolian Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture and the East Sea city construction road green space and Wetland Park and other supporting infrastructure.


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