Yesterday, the college entrance examination, the online marking work started. 9, reporters from the provincial admissions learned, according to the established plan, June 7th to 20 days before the answer card scanning and marking, June 21st – before June 24th to determine the lowest control score, June 26th before the publication of the results, at the same time to the art school examination institutions provide professional examination qualified candidates to cultural studies. In addition, this year to determine the various batches admission program.

* separately in advance admission batch (undergraduate): military (including national defense, public security (pilot), police, The Central Instituite for Correctional Police), public security colleges and normal universities directly under the Ministry of education of the professional teachers (including normal ethnic classes, ethnic preparatory classes), sports and arts undergraduate, navigation, Macau college, Beijing Foreign Studies University, a small language foreign language colleges, China Foreign Affairs University, China Youth University for Political Science, Beijing Electronics Science and Technology Institute and the early admission alone approved by our province colleges, University of Tibet in the province for six, the Party Committee General Office (room) employment enrollment plan, Qinghai University free medical students training targeted enrollment plan.

* for special programs in poor areas targeted enrollment admission, autonomous enrollment.

. The first batch of undergraduate course: "985" and "211" Engineering Colleges and the Ministry of education, I agree to the inclusion of the first batch of Undergraduate Admissions institutions (or professional) and ethnic classes, ethnic preparatory; directional enrollment plan, the first batch of undergraduate colleges in Tibet; orientation of non Tibet students employment enrollment plan.

*: the second batch of undergraduate universities and Colleges (Professional) outside the national class, national matriculation, directional enrollment plan in the second batch of undergraduate colleges.

*: the National Matriculation colleges in the province is limited to six rural students and Haidong City, Datong County, Huang Zhongxian, Huangyuan County Hukou ethnic minority candidates.

. The third batch of undergraduate (parallel voluntary): independent colleges, private colleges, foreign cooperation in running schools and combined undergraduate.

* early specialist: art, sports, public security college; Higher Vocational Colleges in ethnic classes, ethnic minorities, bilingual classes, vocational counterparts, five years in order to develop helicopters; Shijiazhuang University of Post and Telecommunications enrollment plan; Xi’an Electric Power College Qinghai branch of State Grid oriented employment enrollment plan.

* (parallel): Ordinary College Undergraduate Colleges in college classes, independent college, vocational college, undergraduate colleges of Career Academy two college etc..

* Province vocational colleges for the southern four states, Xunhua, Longhua and other places targeted enrollment plan.

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