: I heard that the market has been able to stock up the phone’s new products, keen to fry he would like to have such a

phone. March 1st, he came to a mobile phone store in Xining, introduced by the waiter, spent nearly a thousand dollars to buy a

a full-featured Lenovo phone. Can be found after buying home, this model can not fry,

and headphones and other accessories have a lot of quality problems, he ran back and forth between the sales counter and the after-sales service department

, the problem has not been resolved, I do not know what to do.

about 15 that day, the reporter came along with Mr. Gao came to the mobile phone sales store. On the return issue,

Gao and two or three attendants dispute. The waiter said, Mr. Gao believes that mobile phones have quality problems,

should be done to identify the relevant departments to do the product, if the product does exist quality problems, can be maintained and

rights and interests, according to the product "three packs" provisions to enjoy compensation. On the contrary, Mr. Gao should bear their own responsibility.

in addition, the waiter also pointed out that the high requirements of the return of the phone side of the corner there is a clear mark, so return

is not possible. Reply to the waiter, Mr. Gao said excitedly: when you buy a cell phone smallpox

kind, really a problem where all sorts of shirk, honesty? Mobile phone from the hands, no contact with

said a hard object, what corner fall marks, which clearly in something."

Mr. Gao and the waiter is arguing, Lenovo counter vendors Wang Wei rushed to the scene. He seriously

listen to Mr. Gao’s reflection, said Mr. Gao can return. (author: Shen Weizu)


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