55 year old Liu Shiyu deliberately wearing a dark red tie, Minzui smile, to waiting reporters to greet.

I went to the Commission 22 days, not yet full moon." A relaxed and witty opening, so that the audience issued a knowing laughter.

volatility since last year, China’s stock market, so that Liu Shiyu felt a great responsibility, but more and more heavy". He engaged in livelihood finance for a long time, people are not easy to understand the money".

"I have been pursuing the idea of little more than doing, but the capital market is required to be open and transparent, so as chairman of the Commission, it should be said to say." Subsequently, Liu Shiyu humorously used this sentence to express his understanding of the chairman of the Commission’s words and deeds.

"Pigeon" is to respect and protect the market. In a few days before the NPC and CPPCC process, Liu Shiyu has been cautious, even by the media dogged, still less. "Today is the two trading days, I can not speak of the stock market," he explained not only to get the understanding of reporters, but also by the outside world recognition.

on the same day, he also took the opportunity to clarify skillfully a recently popular saying: "in March 8th, there is a legend of" the new commission chairman Liu Shiyu wants everyone to buy a stock, do not sell the stock. That day I said in the Hongkong group, ‘as the chairman of the Commission, I can not recommend that you buy stocks, but can not recommend that we sell stocks."

however, the banker officials did not directly blame the media, but humorously attributed to his "southern accent": "my accent is too heavy. Today, I will pay more attention to accurate pronunciation, but also hope that the media friends more accurately spread."

stage, but also a piece of knowing laughter.

, however, in the 12 press conference, some hot spots and even sensitive issues are not open around. The press conference, for the registration system, the stock market abnormal fluctuation, circuit breakers that several issues of common concern, Liu Shiyu made a positive response, and gives a large amount of information to answer, is expected to stabilize the market.

for the registration system, he made clear that the registration system reform to engage, but it takes a long time.

for abnormal fluctuations in the stock market, he said, the commission must learn profound lessons, to speed up the reform, transformation of functions, strengthen supervision, and promote the sustained and healthy development of the capital market.

for the rescue, he said, the measures taken in the stock market to prevent systemic risk, to repair the market, the construction market, the development of the market to win the time. At present, the market has entered a state of repair, some temporary measures have been withdrawn, but to talk about China’s securities and financial companies exit as early as fashion.

for circuit breakers, he said, the operation results and system intended to depart from the next few years, investors, small investors accounted for absolute subject structure will not change fundamentally, do not have the basic conditions for the introduction of circuit breakers.

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