for the promotion of tourism ecological tourism resources, establish and enhance the image of tourism, expand popularity, in September 17th, Datong County Tourism Bureau for the first time into Jincheng Lanzhou, promote the county autumn and winter tourism.

Qi Lin, picturesque scenery, "Zhangjiajie plateau" reputation of the Chahansala River scenic area; majestic mountains and beautiful scenery of the 4A scenic classic mountain; have kite ditch scenic winter tourism resources richly endowed by nature; as a dragon entrenched in the the Great Wall Ruins Park Niangniang ridge…… Promote the meeting, Datong beauty, folk culture deeply attracted Lanzhou 41 travel agencies and more than 10 media attention, Datong is the national treasure "dance decorative pottery basin" hometown, also Chinese folk art — Qinghai "Hehuang flower" the birthplace of the winter cold, summer cool summer, beautiful ecology, the county the forest coverage rate reached 38.1%, ranking first in the province. In recent years, Datong county Party committee and government in good ecological construction and protection at the same time, the tourism industry as a strategic pillar industry to drive the economic development of the county to develop and make efforts to enhance the "xiadou ecological park, · leisure slow travel city cultural tourism brand, to further promote the" Qinghai province famous natural scenery and ethnic customs the construction of tourist attractions, has been successfully held the classic mountain flowers will be a number of cultural tourism activities.

meeting, Datong County launched ecological sightseeing tourism and ecological leisure tour, folk culture tour, the ancient Silk Road, landscape tour, hiking adventure tour six tour packages on the charm, let lottery send tickets to link the major travel agencies in Lanzhou Jincheng surprises. In addition, the enthusiasm to further mobilize the community to Datong travel tourism, increasing economic benefits and social benefits to the organization of Datong County tourism travel agency will be awarded 3 thousand yuan to 25 thousand yuan, and Lanzhou travel agencies signed a cooperation agreement on tourism. (author: Wang Xiaofang)

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