in commemoration of the ninetieth anniversary of the CPC founding, and vigorously promote the glorious history and brilliant achievements of the party’s valiant record, the propaganda of socialist modernization construction, Xining City 71 West community held to celebrate the ninetieth anniversary of the CPC founding and the first community in spring fun games".

April 25th morning 10 when, at the start of the games, the Provincial Basketball Academy of family crowded, huge crowds of people, area units, Kangfu family members, Family Planning Association, retirees, provincial Guard officers and men have come to participate in the games.

games with a total of three people, four legged crab racing, the ball ran 30 meters steeplechase, small ball, bowling, table tennis, kangaroo jump relay clip, "Xiaomaguohe" relay and pull together in times of trouble and tug of war and so on project. To participate in the games players with Kangfu family enrollment as a unit, a minimum of five or six years old, the largest is more than and 80 years old, three generations in the project, the game awfully, everyone with a smile. Popular projects, family members with tacit understanding, each project is actively participating. Win or lose, it is difficult to cover up the excitement of expression. In the game scene, lively, shouting, laughter sound into one, the whole game will be in a harmonious and pleasant atmosphere.

the Games in all areas of staff and the joint efforts of the residents of the area, the game was very successful, welcomed by the majority of community residents. Through this kind of mass fun games, the community service function has been created, which has created a harmonious atmosphere, a happy place for the community residents, and a stage for communication. Not only exercise the body, promote the neighborhood relationship, more important is to allow family members to participate in physical exercise activities, the formation of a harmonious community, a good atmosphere. Residents of the area in the movement of blooming vitality, family members of the team spirit has been fully reflected. Exercise is physical strength, activation of life, the harvest is smiling face, its significance far beyond the games itself.


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