Small and micro enterprises to become the focus of national and provincial, Xining support, the rapid development momentum. January to July, Xining 1594 newly registered enterprises, operating income of $77 billion 100 million. Among them: 36 billion 700 million yuan of medium-sized enterprises, small enterprises of $35 billion 100 million, micro enterprises 5 billion 300 million yuan. During the year is expected to add 1000 small and micro enterprises in Xining, operating income, the number of employees grew by more than 10%.In order to make

more Small and micro businesses grow up as soon as possible, Xining city in the implementation of national and provincial policies of various types of support, active around Small and micro businesses development goals, take effective measures to increase support and service efforts, Small and micro businesses generally showed a good momentum of rapid development. These enterprises, the growth of small and micro enterprises to see the hope of Xining. In the specific assistance, in order to alleviate the financing difficulties of Small and micro businesses, the city of Xining to give the greatest support in credit financing, only the first half, Xining’s financial institutions to Small and micro businesses lending 3 billion 265 million yuan. Meanwhile, Xining is also actively strive for the development of small and micro enterprises special funds, the implementation of national and provincial small and micro enterprises to develop special funds 38 million 240 thousand yuan, planting and breeding enterprises to support funds of $52 million 500 thousand. 33 small and micro enterprises to invest in the province to subsidize the project has been approved by the provincial economic and social organization of the expert review will be reviewed, investment subsidies can be issued in the near future.

not only that, in terms of easing the pressure on small and micro enterprises, Xining has done a corporate policy, nuanced support. At the end of July, Xining has allocated 11 million 836 thousand yuan of social security funds, 9713 people benefit 176 Small and micro businesses. At the same time, to increase support for small and micro enterprises in the tourism industry, the city’s various types of accommodation units have reached 621, guest rooms, beds, 44 thousand and 200, effectively reducing the demand for travel accommodation. We will accelerate the development of farmers’ professional cooperatives, farmers’ professional cooperatives reached 828, the number of farmers into the community of households, driven by farmers nearly one hundred thousand people in the country, the number of farmers in rural areas, the number of farmers in rural areas, and so on. Of the 33 thousand households are not up to the starting point of the value added tax of individual industrial and commercial households shall be exempted from value-added tax of 30 million 20 thousand yuan, in line with the conditions of the 225 households Small and micro businesses corporate income tax relief 2 million 785 thousand yuan, 106 Small and micro businesses from tax 2 million 425 thousand yuan……

the next step, Xining will be dominated by the government, the 19 joint development and Reform Commission, the Municipal Bureau of Commerce, agriculture and Animal Husbandry Bureau and other departments to set up aid groups, helping more than 8 thousand small and micro enterprises, to help solve the existing in the production and management, marketing and business development in the enterprise problems and difficulties. In particular, enterprises in the water and electricity resources allocation, project construction funds, land and other practical difficulties. To establish a cooperative relationship more closely to actively coordinate and help science and technology, development of small and micro enterprises and scientific research institutes and colleges, and encourage enterprises to introduce advanced technology, accelerate the improvement of equipment, process improvement, reduce energy consumption, develop new products, and vigorously promote the information technology and the application of advanced and applicable technologies, improve the level of enterprise characteristics and advantages, accelerate industrial restructuring and upgrading. (author: Zhou Jianping)


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