7 4, governor Hao Peng in Haidong, Huangnan research teeth with the highway, West Railway and other key projects. He stressed that to seriously study and implement the spirit of general secretary Xi Jinping’s "71" important speech, adhere to the development of thought of people centered, unswervingly to ecological protection priority coordination to promote economic and social development as the main line of work, to fully grasp the construction of key projects, strengthen the support to the economic and social development and improve people’s livelihood and well-being, for expected to complete a well-off society to lay a solid foundation.

, a total investment of 6 billion 400 million yuan, which lasted three and a half years of construction Yashenga to Tongren expressway has been basically completed and opened to traffic. Hao Peng cordial the participation units of cadres and workers, a detailed understanding of key projects and the teeth with highway traffic construction. Hao Peng said that the infrastructure is an important area of our province "short board", the traffic has the first leading role for the economic and social development. As a province of vertical and four horizontal, ten key projects of expressway network, the tooth with the completion of the highway, the end of the Huangnan Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture is not the history of the highway, marks the province six, the full realization of the objectives of highway links, this is another landmark projects in our province built in the "13th Five-Year" start of the year, is also a gift for our party’s 95 years old birthday of. Hao Peng hopes that construction units should learn the General Secretary Xi "71" speech into solid work, hard work and dedication spirit, to insist the progress goal, done in one vigorous effort, scientific organization construction, strengthen scientific and technological support, pay attention to quality and safety, speed up the wow beach of the Yellow River bridge construction progress, at the same time to ensure the timely opening of traffic combined with the construction and development of tourism, grasp along the ecological environmental protection and landscape construction, and strive to build an ecological tooth with the high-speed line, safety line line, line rich and harmonious.

then Hao Peng went to the Western Railway Station West Railway Tongren, understanding of planning and preparation, listen to the relevant aspects of the report of the preparatory work for the project on time, Hao Peng affirmed smoothly. He said, Xining to Chengdu railway is a national key construction project, "13th Five-Year" is connected with the green Gansu and Sichuan provinces in Northwest and southwest, through communication, an important channel of Southern China rapid railway, the construction of this railway, the Unicom Silk Road Economic Belt "and" the Yangtze River Economic Belt ", expand the areas along the opening along, promote economic development and social harmony, are of great significance, we must strengthen the party’s gratitude to Time will not wait for me., seize the day in the spirit of cooperation, seamless, rigorous and meticulous, and seriously do the preparatory work, to strive for the project started as soon as possible to create favorable conditions.

long service town victory bridge, Holzer a north-south road, the relocation of the second national middle school and other projects on the scene, the construction scene bustling with activity, to see the new look of the town, Hao Peng very happy. He said, strengthen the construction of urban infrastructure, improve urban comprehensive function, enhance urban factor aggregation ability, is conducive to stimulating economic growth, promote the transformation and upgrading, but also conducive to the public service to make up for the short board, improve the level of people’s livelihood. Hao Peng stressed the need to adhere to a high starting point gauge;

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