Comrades today: the main task of the meeting is to implement the two plenary session of the Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection and the judicial administrative system and the anti-corruption work of the spirit of the meeting, arrangements for the administration of justice system in 2012 the city’s clean government and anti-corruption work. Just now, comrade Qi Yanmin read the Xining Municipal Administration of justice in 2012 the work of building a clean government and anti-corruption work arrangements, and hope that the party organizations at all levels to earnestly implement the actual work. Below, I will do a good job of clean government and anti-corruption work, and effectively safeguard the healthy development of the city’s judicial administration to talk about a few views.   
, strengthen the judicial and administrative departments and the anti-corruption work of the responsibility of in recent years, the city’s judicial administrative system in the correct leadership of the party committees at all levels and the competent department under the guidance of the discipline inspection and supervision departments, with Deng Xiaoping theory and the important thought of "three Represents" and the Party Congress and seventeen third, fourth and fifth, the six plenary session of the spirit as the guidance, in-depth implementation of Scientific Outlook on Development, conscientiously study and implement the higher instructions on clean government, adhere to tackling the problem in a comprehensive, punitive and preventive measures, focusing on prevention "policy, focus on service development and maintain stability and promote the harmonious theme of the work and do a lot of work in strengthening the anti-corruption struggle, and achieved certain results. Is to strengthen the clean government propaganda and education, consciousness of the majority of police officers and men against further improved; two is to earnestly implement the responsibility system for the construction of a clean government, leading cadres at all levels to fulfill a pair of responsibility consciousness is further enhanced; three is to strengthen the solid political popularity of wind construction, further improve the judicial and administrative departments and legal services to the social image of the industry; the four is to strengthen the supervision and inspection of cadres, cadres of self-discipline consciousness is further enhanced; the five is to vigorously promote the risk of corruption prevention and control work, to further enhance the work of the source of corruption. In 2011 the city’s wind selection activities, the Bureau of justice ranks first in the city’s political and legal system. These achievements, Party committees, government and judicial and administrative authorities at all levels of the strong leadership of the judicial administrative system is the result of the joint efforts of the majority of police officers, but also at all levels of discipline inspection and supervision of cadres to fulfill their duties, hard work results. In the same time we should also clearly see that there are the city’s judicial administrative system of anti-corruption work in some problems can not be ignored, the minority cadres awareness is not high, do not pay enough attention to the construction of a clean and honest government; some anti-corruption system has not been put in place, the individual unit supervision measures are not strong; others attitude cold, hard work dedication, do not cross the service is not in place; the discipline inspection team is not fully adapt to the new situation and new tasks. We must take effective measures to solve them.    
two, to promote the integrity of the city’s judicial and administrative system of clean government and anti-corruption work this year is the implementation of the 12th Five-Year plan link;

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