reporter in February 26th from the Qinghai Tibet railway company was informed that, in order to meet the demand for passenger travel festival, the Qinghai Tibet railway company plans to 15 days on March 1st, in Xining, Xining to the people and to the people, and to the Menyuan Menyuan daily to start the car.
in addition, for the convenience of passengers in the fifteen trip, in March 5th the day of the Lantern Festival, the Qinghai Tibet Railway Company will also be added to Xining D9985 passenger train, Menyuan gate to Xining D9986 passenger train. The specific time for Xining to Menyuan D9985 passenger train from Xining Railway Station to arrive at 20:55, 20:10 Menyuan station; gate to Xining D9986 passenger train from the station at 21:59, 21:15 Menyuan arrived at Xining Railway Station.

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