With the city carrying capacity continues to expand, increasing motor vehicles, the existing roads can not meet the growing travel demand, in order to alleviate traffic pressure, for the public to create a smooth superior traffic environment, in September this year, West Main Street West Section of the construction project started. It is reported that after the completion of the project, the West Main Street can be directly through the sea lake road. Currently, the project is being carried out in an orderly manner, has completed nearly 200 meters of drainage construction.

the construction content of the project in addition to road construction, and drainage, landscaping, lighting, traffic and ancillary facilities etc..

– West Main Street West City in accordance with the design concept of sponge, encounter rain, first collected green belt, which greatly eased the rain water of heaven road. Sponge city refers to the city can be like a sponge, with good "elastic" in adaptation to environmental change and disaster response and so on, when it rains, water storage, water seepage, water purification, water storage will need to "release" and make use of.

– in order to facilitate the city cycling of the public, the project construction is appropriate to increase the non motorized vehicles, so that people travel free.  

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