news came from the Local Taxation Bureau of Qinghai province in July 1st, the Qinghai government rent will be implemented in the province through the city to do business, by breaking the original territorial management mode, the taxpayer may choose in the same city tax service hall for business tax. The province’s tax over the fence, the taxpayer once again feel the breeze of the convenience of the tax.

at present, our province local taxation departments of tax registration, invoice management, tax declaration, preferential proof, management, publicity and consultation in 6 categories of tax related business through the city to do service, mainly related to changes in tax registration, deposit account report, record report, financial accounting system and accounting software changed after increasing invoices and ordinary invoice generation, tax declaration, tax payment certificate issued, the corporate income tax filing and tax related information, single card table books, collect illegal tax information such as 30 that do tax related matters.

has always been, territorial management is one of the principles of tax authorities to implement the tax authorities in the province, the taxpayer can only handle the tax related to the competent tax authorities. With the expansion of the city, more and more common phenomenon of cross business taxpayers, the tax in the city when running back and forth between the inconvenience. Through the city to launch business, breaking the traditional local service pattern, breaking the situation of information asymmetry between the regional tax service hall, will choose the right place tax to the taxpayer, the taxpayer may choose in the same city tax service hall for effectively avoiding the "run", "long" the phenomenon of. Also the center area enterprises, large volume of business, the tax taxpayers get together, the tax service hall overload running problem in a certain extent, will effectively reduce the tax cost, provide more convenient and efficient tax environment for the taxpayer, the tax tax service to achieve a qualitative leap. It is reported that by the end of 2016, Qinghai Local Taxation Bureau will be based on the implementation of the city through the office, through the office of the full realization of tax issues in the province.


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