The eighteen report of the

party stressed the need to optimize the pattern of land development space, spatial structure adjustment, promote intensive production space efficient, livable modest living space, ecological space for future generations to leave the picturesque scenery, sky blue, green water, beautiful round net. To implement this requirement, we must establish and improve the economical and intensive land system, strictly control the total scale of construction land in urban and rural areas, strengthen the new construction land use assessment, and actively explore the urban and rural construction land adjustment and inefficient urban land redevelopment, land reserve regulation.

urban land reserve is an important means to promote urban transformation and construction, and is an important lever to promote the efficient use of urban land. In recent years, the Xining municipal land reserve center with the full foot, with good use of land reserve policy for live nation, to build Xining into a livable industry, should travel, the pleasant life of the city and is full of vitality, embodies the strength and charm, rich affinity happy city provides strong capital and land security and give full play to the function of government, plays an important role in optimizing the allocation of land resources, promote the city city infrastructure construction.

in recent years, the Xining municipal land reserve center on the "innovative ideas to promote the work of reserves, thinking of planning supply security", and actively explore the new mechanism of land reserve management, long-term development based on the current and long-term perspective, to establish scientific and reasonable financing plan, grasp the land reserve project construction, and actively explore the urban linkage model. Continuously improve the scientific level of land reserves, for the construction of life of the city, the city of happiness, to maximize the supply of capital and land resources.

two years of work effectiveness

Xining municipal land reserve center since its establishment in March 2010, a total of 6 billion yuan of loans to financial institutions, financing, land purchasing and storage of a total area of about 10073 acres, completed the land transfer net income 3 billion 160 million yuan, to promote the city’s economic and social development.

one is to strengthen the government’s macro-control ability of urban land. Land reserve is an important means to realize the macro-control of government land market. Can not only ensure the legitimacy of land supply, reduce the illegal use of land, long lease, ultra vires grant phenomenon, and be able to effectively control the scale and pace of land supply, and gradually establish a fair, fair, open, standardized and efficient city land market.

two is to improve urban land use efficiency. In the past, due to historical reasons and the status of land supply, the overall urban planning in the land development process can not be fully implemented. In the establishment of land reserve system, "planning first, followed by the reserve" as the idea of land planning red line through the municipal government designated management, implementation planning a piece, a mature, reserve a piece, transfer, the development of a city, so as to improve the efficiency of the allocation of land resources, improve city investment environment.

three is the realization of land sold. The last transfer agreement for the period, basically are gross supply by developers for demolition of buildings on the ground. In accordance with the new;

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