in order to further urge the region’s kindergarten health, Safety Office Park, effectively regulate its park behavior, according to the 2012 pre-school education arrangements, from July 26th to 27, the District kindergarten in 2012 inspection work kicked off. In recent years, the rapid development of preschool education in our region, the kindergarten officially registered has reached 50 of the actual situation, in order to alleviate the pressure of the annual year-end 2012, our region in batches to take inspection methods, the annual assessment inspection of the kindergarten. In July 26,
the inspection, most of the kindergarten can strictly comply with industry standards, according to the law office park. For individual garden behavior is not standardized garden, the functional departments of the inspectors for their non-standard behavior put forward professional guidance and rectification requirements, requiring its deadline for rectification. For parents, the children’s social attention to food safety, kindergarten fees and other issues, the various functional departments will focus on supervision and management, through the daily supervision and management, effectively promote the region’s kindergartens to standardize the behavior of the Office Park, to further improve the level of the office park.


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