for improving the quality of cadres training, recently, East District and Qinghai for the first time the National United University, "1+X" mode, namely the party sex education curriculum Science + thematic study, collocation of self selected cadres "buffet", enhance the scientific, pertinence and effectiveness of training, the 139 leading cadres, 95 young cadres and reserve cadres participated in autonomous learning training.

adhere to the "supply" and "need" combination. The needs of the organization, job demands and cadres I need to combine in the choice of topics to expert assessment, the selection of cadres, on screen, individual adjustment method, scientific collocation "art of leadership" 4 alternative courses, with "menu" option for the cadres. By "for" "choose" docking, the independent teaching content more appetite".

adhere to the combination of "unification" and "points". Do a good job in the cadre training at the same time, pay attention to the training of young cadres and cadres in reserve, for the first time and put them into self selected category, the training content of cadres to promote clear leadership and execution, and young cadres reserve cadres to accumulate knowledge, and enhance the quality of Ancient Chinese Literature Search culture as the main direction of training. Through the combination of the system, effectively reducing the cost and burden of grassroots cadres training, put an end to the phenomenon of "zero training".

adhere to the "wide" and "strict" combination. Adhere to both training and management, the implementation of "self selection" and "strict" coordinated management mode, the implementation of the management system of cadres to take classes, to reach the requirements of training hours shall be deemed unqualified, shall issue a certificate. At the same time, pay attention to training and rest, collective and Guozhuang badminton elective and other sports activities for trainees.


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