for the better understanding of the "consumer protection law", to maximize the protection of consumer rights, in February 18th, the city Industrial and Commercial Bureau City branch of the organization of individual private owners, operators and employees of the unit area of nearly 300 people on the new interpretation of "consumer protection law".

it is understood that the "consumer protection law" in the "3· 15" international consumer rights protection day implementation, the first amendment is the NPC Standing Committee on the implementation of nearly 20 years of "consumer protection law". There are four highlights: specification of new problems in the new field of network shopping; improve the "Three Guarantees", "recall" and other provisions; strengthen the obligations of operators, the establishment of the system of consumer public interest litigation, reduce consumers burden of proof, difficult to resolve consumer rights; increase the legal liability of the illegal operation, increase the amount of punitive damages. To further improve the legal weapon of consumer rights.


of famous university in our province attend lectures, "the definition of durable goods", "online shopping goods no reason to return, the return of goods to the completeness of the definition of" and "medical consumption" and "personal information", "three bags, returns, accepting complaints 7 days limit" and the focus problems and you AC.


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