In order to accelerate the

plateau tourism province construction, "12th Five-Year", the province total travel arrangements 554 million yuan of special funds, mainly for tourism planning, infrastructure construction, key projects and interest subsidies, let the "beauty of Qinghai" reputation once again called out in the country.

it is understood that in recent years, in order to expand publicity, let the tourists can enjoy the beauty of the charm of Qinghai province by CCTV, the central broadcasting station, and Beijing bus station, subway, airport and other places for advertising, promotional use beauty Qing Haizhu Delta, Yangtze River Delta, Beijing and targeted aid provinces, and the "tourism website" 12301 engineering construction, source of Sanjiang International Photography Festival, winter tourism activities and other major festivals such as subsidies, expanding tourism province visibility.

the quality of tourism environment is the first impression for tourists, in order to better demonstrate the great beauty of the charm of Qinghai, to enhance tourism environment has become a rigid index, the province’s tourism development in recent years, the provincial financial funds tend to focus on ecological tourism demonstration area, Huangnan plateau and Qinghai Lake Regong ecological protection key scenic spots of experimentation area the construction of facilities, Qinghai Lake scenic area, including Jiro sword Island, bird island, Golden Bay area, fairy Bay area and other infrastructure construction, and the Qinghai Kumbum Monastery suyouhua Museum expansion, construction, Hainan tourism comprehensive development demonstration area in Guide county. Gangcha Haibei Wen Bo city of Tibet tourism infrastructure, Qinghai province atomic city infrastructure construction, Guoluo Prefecture nianboyuze scenic area infrastructure construction. The construction of Kumbum Monastery, Forest Park, Meng Da in Beishan National Geological Tianchi, Kanbula scenic water around the scenic tourism infrastructure, the Qinghai Lake Poetry Wall, scenic tourist trails, scenic spots such as star toilets environmental remediation project.

in addition, this year the province invested 200 million yuan of funds to continue development of the tourism industry, focus on building the Qinghai Lake, mutual national tourist resort as well as Hainan, Huangnan and other key projects of cultural tourism brand, enhance the quality of tourism services, and promote the development of our province tourism boom. Washington (reporter Fang Xu)


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