this year, the national, provincial health care will be Xining City National Health City review, which is the first time since September 2009, Xining won the national health city title for review. March 25th afternoon, held a mobilization meeting in Xining, arrangements for the deployment of the work.

for three years, Xining has gradually realized the transition from the "national health city" by creating a mechanism to build a long-term management mechanism, established the "Wei" construction of the national health city day "system," the establishment of publicity rectification work normalization, in addition, increase the establishment of work and daily supervision evaluation efforts, at the same time, strengthen the supervisory role of the media and the public now has the "establishment of working people.

at the same time, also must see soberly, the city of Xining City, the province’s work with the national requirements and expectations of the masses there is a certain gap, such as the focus of the work of villages and urban high, some alleyways and family hospital building, the bankrupt enterprise and other areas are still health improvement. In addition, food processing workshops, the difficulty is now selling food stalls and catering industry food safety management is the daily supervision, and the existence of farmers market disorder, cleaning system implementation is not in place, the morning and not according to the prescribed time, withdrawal and other issues, some alleyways vehicle Luantingluanfang, Jeeves, part of the region random set up their stalls and other illegal phenomenon still exist, and some members of the public to enhance the quality, throw cigarette butts and debris phenomena still occur.

in Xining city before the end of March the formation of the corresponding check before the end of April, the steering group, to carry out a comprehensive examination supervision work of self-examination, before the end of May, to reach the provincial review requirements, before the end of June, to carry out a comprehensive and gaps to consolidate and improve the work, to ensure that the overall indicators meet the national standard requirements. At the beginning of July, entered the review stage welcome ciq.

for the difficult and key, the city will strengthen the environmental sanitation fine renovation and farmers market comprehensive renovation, to strengthen food safety and public health management, villages and urban and rural joint remediation, difficulties in the community (family hospital building, the bankrupt enterprise) health regulation, as well as the green space, building demolition () site remediation, in addition, will also increase the intensity of rectification traffic order. (author: Wang Fulian)

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