In the depth of the organs of contact with the masses of cadres serving the grassroots work, Datong County Organization Department Party branch to build the party spirit, the style of the most positive and most outstanding work of the Department and excellent team, clear thinking, and strengthen measures, efforts in the village households, enriching the people in the way of seeking practical results, and sincerely for the grassroots the masses do practical work.

insisted on a visit to the two questions, the establishment of primary ledger. In order to ensure that the village households work not as a mere formality, effective measures, 21 members of the Organization Department of the county Party branch organization cadres and carry out a visit to two questions (visits to the masses, ask for the people, ask for people), has recently visited 35 villages, 5 community, non-public economic organizations and social organizations 4 a hospital, 2, prominent problems of combing grass-roots units in 4 aspects, 12, to further enrich the masses of grassroots service ledger data. According to the construction needs to be improved, the construction of Party organization is not enough, Party members play a leading role in democratic management is not enough, not standardized financial disclosure and other key issues, submitted a report to the Standing Committee of the county, clear rectification ideas, measures and time limit.

grade household contact point, close distance between cadres. Based on the "military enterprises build a model village" and "urban and rural Party branch hand twinning" and "mass work year" activities such as carrier, the Organization Department of the county Party cadres to establish grading point of contact, county committee, ministers of the organization of Comrade Zhou Haichun will lead to determine the contact point Xun rang Xiang Township, the Liang Jiao Xiang Shi Zhuang Cun to determine the contact point of grass-roots units, and in the basic unit identified 4 needy people as households; 6 department level cadres to determine the treasure house of five rooms, Temple Township 6 villages as the point of contact, each contact point was determined in 2 households in the difficulties of the masses as households; 14 cadres Jiao Xiang Shi Zhuang Cun Liang identified 14 needy people as households, and to determine the long-term relationship linking point helping. By carrying out a solid "village households, cadres and the masses to heart" activities, achieved by the unit to help leading cadres, leading cadres to help by supporting two changes in general to help the cadres, urged the contact point joint Dianmianjiege, promote the overall work.

implementation of joint commitments, strict work discipline. County Party Committee Organization Department Party branch to introduce commitment mechanism in the cadres contact point household work, each party cadres are based on the actual positions of commitment, in accordance with the gang commitment and practical commitment 24, truly realize the "education of cadres in the commitment Jiannuo, people get benefits". In carrying out the work of Party branch of village households, carefully crafted image of cadres of party spirit, conduct, for example ", Party members and cadres in the villages and households in abide by the discipline, attention to words and deeds, does not affect the normal work of grass-roots, not to the grassroots and the masses, increasing the burden of trouble, consciously know the people, the people as the focus of work style, strengthen the sense of purpose, full service in contact with the masses in the interpretation of life value, grass-roots party members and cadres style show.

carry out five activities, focused on solving problems. The Organization Department of the county branch of the masses and grassroots do practical things, solve problems as the starting point and goal point contact joint working group;

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