from September 28th to September 29th, the first national memorial day to the end of four, team leader Wang Yubo, Su Rong, Zou Jiansheng, Tong Dexiang and other groups condolences to the families of martyrs, and to extend my cordial greetings and best wishes to the families of martyrs. In the message, deputy secretary and mayor Wang Yubo pointed out that we should understand the sacrifices and pay affectionate families, let families really feel the glory and the warmth of the society.

9 28 afternoon, Wang Yubo has Yao Guihuai, Zhang Shenglin condolences to the families of martyrs. Sunning in Xinning Road District, Wang Yubo detailed understanding of the life of Yao Guihuai, and sent flowers and condolences to kim. Yao Guihuai’s father died in August 2, 1945 – Yao martyrs Hunan Linwu Soil Bridge battle. Wang Yubo said to Yao Guihuai, the revolutionary martyrs for the motherland and the people made a great sacrifice, paid a valuable life, history and people will always remember their credit. Take good care of survivors of martyrs life, is the responsibility of various departments at all levels. Wang Yubo told Yao Guihuai to take care of the body, and asked relevant departments to care for survivors of martyrs life, implement various preferential policies, and actively solve problems for them, the party and the government care to their hearts.


, Wang Yubo line came to the martyrs survivors of Zhang Shenglin’s house, the son of Zhang Haijun martyr Zhang Shenglin in August 27, 1993 to rescue the people’s life and died in the flood, at the age of 25. Wang Yubo said that in order to save the lives of the masses of the people in the fight against floods and pay their precious lives, made an important contribution, always worth learning from everyone else, Zhang Haijun. We should take the martyr’s parents as our parents, for the martyrs for their parents to do a filial piety, do a love, do a responsibility. He told Zhang Shenglin and his wife to take care of themselves, there are difficulties in a timely manner to reflect the Party committee and government. Wang Yubo warm words to warm the heart of Zhang Shenglin, Zhang Shenglin said excitedly: "my son, although the sacrifice, but the party and the government has not forgotten him, as in the past years to take care of me, thank you very much!"

9 29, deputy secretary of the municipal Party committee Su Rong were also on the Zhao Yunyuan and Cheng Qifu families of martyrs condolences. Condolences, Su Rong, civil affairs departments at all levels actively for families to resolve the practical difficulties, let them live better. On the same day, municipal people’s Congress Chairman Zou Jiansheng, municipal CPPCC Vice Chairman Tong Dexiang were also on the two martyrs survivors had sympathy, and sent to the care of the party and the government.


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