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Huangzhong County Civil Affairs Bureau is responsible for the comrades sitting in the office, combing the reception of the masses has just visited the records, find the civil work needs to be improved…… Since the municipal government changed the style of fifteen after the promulgation of regulations, even days, window units employment in Huangzhong, social security, civil affairs, administrative service center, carefully combing their work, continue to fine convenience Huimin measures to find the problem from the subtle details from the improvement.

in Huangzhong last year, migrant workers earn 7 hundred million

these days, Huangzhong migrant workers, migrant workers have returned last year, the labor force earn nearly 700 million yuan, accounting for 62% of the county farmers’ net income, the income effect is very obvious. Huangzhong is a large population of the county, there are 250 thousand of the surplus labor force needs to be transferred, the income of these workers is directly related to the county’s farmers to live a happy life. To this end, the county’s employment sector to actively take the combination of local and foreign, the nearest employment and encourage entrepreneurship in a way, do everything possible to increase the income of farmers to serve as the province’s labor export demonstration counties.

according to the actual increase in employment demand of the four major parks, the county’s employment sector and actively coordinate with the park to promote the employment of local labor. For the poor technical skills of farmers, income is not high, the current situation, increase farmers, especially landless farmers technical training efforts, so that more and more farmers holding a certificate, wage income has increased by two or three times. In order to promote entrepreneurship employment, the county actively encourage the county of idle labor and laid-off workers entrepreneurship, and according to the actual number of the landless farmers, employment of farmers, create business incubators, give priority to absorb landless peasants stationed in incubators, and the issuance of 17 million 700 thousand yuan of small business loans.

70% fiscal revenue into social security

in front of the Huangzhong county hospital, a farmer Dayuan just completing the discharge formalities. The farmer surnamed Li said, the original spot will generally carry, not to cannot but generally not to go to hospital, often results in a serious illness ailment will delay. Now farmers do not have so much concern, with a disease to go to hospital, do not have to go around to raise money, but also very convenient reimbursement.

involves a lot of social insurance policies, handling more and more complicated procedures, many people will be at a loss what to do in these procedures, in view of this situation, the county social security departments to develop shouwenzeren system, time limit system and leadership reception day, work style is improved at the same time, eight insurance coverage rate fast promotion last year, the aggregate completion rate of more than the goals and tasks, and to achieve full coverage. "70% of Huangzhong’s fiscal revenues are spent on social security." The Secretary of the County Social Security Bureau Bai Shoukuan on Huangzhong social insurance development said, as a window unit, service is the eternal theme of the social security department, in the aspect of improving the efficiency and quality of service has always been to the convenience for the purpose, fall in love, a lot of people to solve the difficult problem.

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