"tolerance and warmth of the masses of ethnic minorities, has become the biggest driving force for the development of our roots here." The 42 year old Lu Deqing is the Eastern District of Xining City neighborhood of the Salesian Salar residents, located in the East District of Zhuang road runs a beef noodle shop, although it was past the morning peak of the meal, but went to the restaurant to eat the customer is still in a continuous line, Lu Deqing busy awfully. Two years ago, in order to improve the living conditions of families, he with his family from Xunhua Salar Autonomous County in the city of Xining, in the local government and the community support and help, through several years of hard work, the Lu Deqing family has been integrated into the city life.

urban ethnic work is not only an important part of national work, but also an important part of urban work. Our province is a multi-ethnic province, there are Tibetan, Hui, Tu, Sala, Mongolian and other 5 ethnic minorities, ethnic minority population of 2 million 807 thousand and 400 people, accounting for the province’s total population of 47.71%. Over the years, the provincial government attaches great importance to national city work, issued "on the further strengthening of urban ethnic work in the new situation of the opinion", held in the urban national work will promote the city continue to promote in-depth development of national. Now in our province, "three cannot do without" "five identity" thought more deeply, the party’s ethnic and religious policies have been fully implemented in all areas of the city, equality, unity and mutual aid and harmonious socialist ethnic relations have been further consolidated development.

publicity and education to enhance the awareness of the Chinese nation community

"now in the square dance" Guo Zhuang "we no longer have the Tibetan people’s patent, there are various ethnic brothers and sisters in the Guo Zhuang dance team, enjoying the pleasure of dancing, so life is wonderful." Every morning, live in the Xining City area of the Tibetan aunt Zhuoma, to several different ethnic groups and communities in the "old bestie" came to the central square of Xining, along with the cheerful music, a lively folk dance.

with the acceleration of urbanization, pluralistic culture, social media environment complex, to strengthen publicity and education, enhance the cadres and masses of all ethnic groups of the party’s national policy, the theory of knowledge, to do a good job in the city of ethnic work is very important. To this end, the province around the country, the various departments adhere to the national policy into the city education and training programs at all levels of cadres, the Central Party committee included in the learning content. In September of the national religious policy during the month, the active use of traditional media and new media, multi-channel publicity and education of national unity and progress, singing the theme of national unity. At the same time, the province also around the national unity education as the focus of Ideological and political work at all levels of various types of schools, included in the teaching plan, the preparation of school-based curriculum, security class.

of different ethnic and religious and cultural harmony coexistence in the city, full of national characteristics of the traditional festivals and religious activities, music and dance, literature and art, customs, architecture and art, make our province city culture is rich and colorful, add new vigor and vitality into the city. The radiation effect of the city, the organic unity of diversity and inclusiveness, enhance the different cultures;

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