demolition site as a result of dust pollution was listed as the focus of pollution remediation in Xining. The municipal government issued a notice on the strict control of dust, Xining city carried out nearly two months of the city’s demolition site dust pollution remediation actions, how the current regulation effect, especially those members of the public to reflect the demolition site still relatively strong sandstone rubble everywhere, sand filled? October 29th, the reporter with the rectification of the special inspection team of 13 key projects and real estate projects demolition site rectification situation for a return visit.

Railway Station Comprehensive Reform: pollution basically controlled

Comprehensive renovation project of Xining Railway Station

site is required rectification in pollution control, the day in the visit the reporter learned that the current project is located in riverside road has been closed for construction, three units by removal of edges removed dust in the way of edge watering demolition work, dust pollution under control.

airport along the high speed: individual area dust exists

airport high speed along the environmental remediation project of Chaoyang village, Si Tai Zi Cun several different degree of area demolition, because the venue construction waste not at the local paving buried, dust pollution can hardly be avoided, therefore, the relevant departments of the laying of water pipes in the part of the area, near the canal water extraction and distribution of sprinkler sprinkler dust, but the individual area have not taken measures for dust dust, pollution still exists, this inspection group issued a notice of supervision.

biological park two: construction waste is not timely cleaning

currently the two phase of the demolition of the park has been set up a hard enclosure, while the scene using a sprinkler at the site of the external flow of water spray dust measures, but the site is not timely cleaning or covering construction waste.

original provincial high law office building: serious pollution rectification


office building demolition site for demolition work when the dust pollution problem has been carried out rectification, the building has been demolished, ongoing concrete broken water pipes, the edge of the broken edge of dust, dust pollution control.

in addition, Tonghai bridge ramp project has been demolished, but the dust and dust reduction measures are not in place; at the project site in Lido has completed the demolition, construction waste has been cleared, ready to Weidang construction; eastern Washington project site has been Weidang, construction waste has been cleared; Guoluo road two phase has been completed demolition the road across the board, because the closed pipe network construction, construction waste can not be cleaned in time; Shengyuan real estate demolition site demolition work has been completed, the enclosure has been set. (author: Xiao Yu)



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