municipal government formulated the provisions of Article 15 to change the style, the reporter found in the sub group "NPC and CPPCC" group, to discuss the site interview, speaking on behalf of members formed a tacit understanding — no longer talk words, "dressing up", an opening went straight to the theme.

from the use of cultural facilities, practicality, innovation, integration of Xining cultural tourism industry, from the smooth traffic military enterprises build a model village construction to the city, everybody dare to speak straight from the heart, not polite, outspoken, don’t even talk about — even if the unit in charge of issues involved in the leadership of the group, is the same the members of the committee, sitting opposite, also pointed out the spot. However, we all understand that the discussion is to talk about the real problem, therefore, is the real thing to speak, but also sincerely accept named.

"I think the smooth traffic in Xining needs to increase hardware construction……" "Pre school education construction should have advanced ideas……" Before the completion of a member of the speech, after a member immediately follow up to speak, because the rhythm is fast, there is a member of the floor after the speech, there are two members competing for the same time to talk about an interesting scene.

reporter also noted that no one is speaking on behalf of the members of the board in accordance with the reading in the face of the speaker, although there will be material, but more of a reference material.

in fact, conference organizers and groups, each group convener, the meeting did not deliberately stressed the need to "speak briefly, do not read the manuscript, but it has almost become the conscious action, on behalf of members of the" dressing up "speech more efficient, more heart really don’t read speeches. (author: Sheng Nan)

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