the morning of January 4th, the first batch of the new West District village committee members before any training in radio and Television University. After the 40 new village community committee responsible members of the demonstration class, not only into the provincial Party school, will also go to the first village school training system.
"new village community cadres training is commonplace, but the new committees responsible person demonstration training class in the form into the first village school training, but the first time, doing so only to strengthen the backbone of three." West District Party Committee Organization Department Minister Chen Zhongyi said. It is understood that the foundation of West District new village community committee members in concentrated training, will also take the theory of learning and practice to learn to study out the way of combining the township party organization (workers) committee secretary, deputy secretary of the village community committees and the people in charge of 40 cadres in Chengdu, the country’s first village school case teaching, experiential, interactive, simulation teaching and training.
with West District village community committee election work ended, the new session of the village committee cadres have to go to work, Chengxi district election seize this opportunity, innovative training methods, based on the strong base through four, to enhance the new committees service ability and stem the overall quality. On the basis of political theory, we should improve the initiative of serving the people. Based on the ability training, the ability to exercise grassroots work. Based on the education of honest and clean style, set up a good image of the party cadres. Based on the team cohesion committee system construction, the overall combat effectiveness. The