this year’s race around the lake difficult, hit the most of the previous round of the lake. In particular, 4120 meters above sea level, a record of human race at high altitude bicycle race. Next year’s Lake Race, the competition will be more intense, the level is expected to jump to a new level." July 16th, the Provincial Sports Bureau Feng Jianping, said in an interview with reporters.

July 16th, more than half of the current Lake tournament, the Provincial Sports Bureau Feng Jianping made comments on this. Feng Jianping said, in this year’s race, the track at an elevation of 3000 meters above the 7, at an elevation of 3700 meters above the climbing grade point of 6, the game over a distance of 200 km race 4, race mileage of 3057 kilometers, it increased a lot of difficulty to athletes. Have been the end of the Qinghai stage, almost every day in the rain, the rain at the same time, grasslands, lakes, snow capped mountains, to athletes and the audience left a deep impression, will race around the lake plateau characteristics embodied most incisive. More importantly, this year’s highest altitude of 4120 meters above sea level. This is the first time that humans have been racing at such a high altitude, setting a new record for the human race to challenge the limits of nature. Such a high altitude, but also a highlight of the current round of the lake. Previously, many drivers and teams have raised objections and fear at such a high altitude. But after the game, all the drivers are very proud, because in addition to their appreciation of the unique scenery, but also a sense of conquest.

Feng Jianping said that as of now, Iran Tabriz Petrochemical team’s results are very prominent. On the contrary, some of the team’s performance last year to participate in the tour is not too good, so the next race around the lake, the team certainly will return, competition will be more intense, which increases the Lake Race aspect in the invisible, but also enhance the overall level of the game in a certain extent. (author: Zhang Ping)


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