this year, provincial people club hall to increase social security card distribution efforts, as of now, the province has issued a social security card 3 million 633 thousand and 900, is expected to end this year, the province has a social security card number will reach more than 4 million 100 thousand.

to do a good job of social security cards, since this year, the office of human resources and social system and vigorously promote the construction of the integration work, the construction of the basic information database of cardholders to promote unity, build a platform for future business nationwide and remote medical treatment etc.. To promote the application of social insurance core platform system, urban residents and rural and pastoral areas of the insured population into a unified medical insurance information management system. At the same time, start the remote medical billing system, medical insurance and intelligent monitoring system construction preparatory work has been constructed based in support of the province at all levels of medical insurance business handling, support the insured person for medical treatment of the health care network, actively participate in the development of our province of remote medical billing methods, revise and improve the remote medical billing system in our province health care and intelligent monitoring system construction plan. Vigorously promote the construction of the network, forming a business network covering both urban and rural areas, down through the data center, the Department on the people, pass under the municipalities state and county (District) people club Bureau communication center, a number of service outlets outside the province more than 2500 hospitals and pharmacies and 3 service bank, the Ministry and province city, county (District), township (community) five community service network.

in the future, the province will continue to carry out social security card sporadic card printing work, before the end of the year to achieve social security card instant replacement card. The construction of the social security card application integrated management platform, social security card, information inquiry, insurance billing, payment of social security costs, social security benefits payment, pension and medical employment services in-depth applications, the basic coverage of human resources and social security business.


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