December 12th, in support of Xining City Administration Bureau, Fang Wencheng in the city’s four city of eating red "point of sale" opened a Red Plateau on the unusually hot. Only one day, retail plus buy, plus on-site picking, sales reached 17 tons. Since the day of sales are now picking a lot of red morning, it came late. A lot of people in Xining has long wait, and to reporters call Fang Wencheng, asked how not Red Plateau shipped to Xining. Some units of the spontaneous organization of employees to buy the phone is constantly coming in, reporters and Fang Wencheng’s two mobile phones, as well as the newspaper’s news hotline has not broken. Time: the morning of the 10 place: built in the north area of Bei Xiang plateau red point of sale, full of red box car, just a stop, immediately attracted a lot of people. "How much is it?" "How much is a box?" "Real estate?"…… After receiving the reply, the sales site is unusually hot. "I saw in the newspaper that there are red sell, come quickly." Xining citizen Ms. Lee bought a box on the spot, she said, she from the "West Sea metropolis" see the newspaper launched the "city of eating red" campaign, as his power to help farmers, on the one hand can eat just picked fresh red, on the other hand is to help the fruit farm although busy, I just bought a box, but it can be considered as a heart." Ms. Lee said. At the scene, crying out to sell grapes to sell raisins, sales suddenly lively up, then put on the ground of the box down half. Time: the morning of the 11 place: Saline Lake Saline Lake Lane cross "we went to Saline Lake and Saline Lake Lane Cross Red Plateau for a long time, how not to?" Xining citizens Ms. Liang anxiously asked in the phone. 12 early in the morning, Ms. Liang and several colleagues rushed to the Saline Lake cross, ready to "group purchase" plateau of red globe, but find a circle did not find, call ordering telephone inquiries. Because according to the arrangement of the urban management department, to have the Red Plateau booth sales after Saline Lake Lane morning evacuated the city. After reply, Ms. Liang said, Red Plateau is fresh and cheap, and can help farmers to buy Red Plateau, waiting is not what. When we start from the construction of Bei Xiang arrived at the scene, the plateau red box has been placed in the assigned place, many people around the globe to ask the price of plateau. "I came to report to buy grapes." Mr. Zhang saw red after hurried over to buy some, "you help me help, not sold red!" Time: 12 noon location: City District Hongjue temple street when we are Saline Lake Saline Lake Lane cross help when selling red, ordering hotline has been ringing, "could not find a place in the Hongjue selling grapes temple street." A lot of people have to call to consult, this sales place in the end where? After we check, because the point of sale city area Hongjue Temple Street is relatively remote, red car sales plateau has not arrived yet, so just let other people very worried. When we arrived at the Hongjue Temple Street, with the help of a vehicle designated to find the red plateau;

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