This is the Xining City, the "year" working sprint. At present, Xining city has completed 21 indicators 26 indicators in the "model". August 21st, held in Xining in 2012 to create a joint meeting of the national environmental model city.

in the first half of this year, Xining sewage treatment plant running smoothly, Xining City, a total of 3404 tons of sewage treatment, sewage treatment rate reached 90%, the sewage treatment rate has been effectively improved. At present, the first sewage treatment plant mentioned standard renovation project has passed the feasibility assessment, second sewage treatment plant relocation and transformation dibiao transformation is the research phase, fourth, fifth sewage treatment plant and associated pipeline project will start building in October. This will play an important role in improving the sewage treatment rate in Xining.

in the first half, compared with the same period in 2011, Xining water environment has been significantly improved. Among them, a 5 reduction in the number of exceed the standard, 11 national, provincial control sections 10 compliance, initially appeared in Huangshui River Basin water pollution in Xining section of governance effect, Xiaoxia water quality reached IV class water standards (general industrial water and amusement district water requirements). At the end of August, Xining City, Dongchuan Industrial Park sewage pumping station, Nanchuan Industrial Park sewage pumping station, the north shore of Lake Ning sewage pumping station 3 sewage pumping station will be put into use, every day will increase the volume of sewage collected more than 3 tons, at that time, Xining city and the counties along the Huangshui River sewage collection rate reached more than 95% and 80% respectively, to achieve the main city of town most of the sewage into the sewage treatment plant. In addition, Xining has also increased the disposal of chromium residue residue and strengthen the management of hazardous waste in industrial enterprises. The construction of the "two waste" center has completed the preliminary work of natural gas pipeline laying, comprehensive area test building, office building, staff quarters and the basic excavation of the burning workshop.

is currently in Xining City, the "year" working there is city water environment function area water quality compliance rate gap, city centralized sewage treatment capacity is still insufficient, centralized drinking water source protection is not enough, DOPA water wells and the surrounding a protected area pollution, the public was not higher and some urgent the problem of city environment satisfaction.

Built with a daily during the year and back to the city daily processing 200 tons of sewage sludge disposal project of comprehensive utilization of 35 thousand tons of water treatment will strive to eliminate

Xining city sewage treatment plant sludge buried on underground water pollution, improve the urban river and flood channel environment, enhance the city infrastructure service ability. (author: Wu Yachun)


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