In March 14th, a reporter from the Xining city service industry to promote the development of bureau, as the national comprehensive reform pilot services, this year, Xining will focus on the development of cultural tourism, finance, exhibition, logistics, real estate, community, intermediary, electronic commerce, science and technology service nine service industry, the service industry to promote the rapid economic growth in Xining.This nine

services in the field of cultural tourism industry will accelerate the mining, protection and exploitation of Xining culture resources, enrich and enhance the cultural connotation of tourism products, and actively create cultural tourism brand series, extending the value chain of culture and tourism. The financial sector will be a premium service for diversified financing, modern credit means, speeding up the construction of ring sunning Plaza, Central Plaza and the Lake District Central Business District, the introduction of foreign financial institutions, improve the venture investment, industrial investment, equity investment and guarantee system construction. The exhibition industry to build advanced facilities, brand collection, service quality, management norms "China Summer Exhibition" in Qinghai Exhibition Center City "as the goal, vigorously the introduction of well-known brand exhibition, foster a number of strong sense of innovation, good quality of service of the large exhibition enterprises, and promote joint development of the exhibition industry and other industries.

logistics industry will vigorously develop integrated logistics centers, professional logistics centers and distribution centers, and build the status of the central city of Xining, the layout of the industrial space to adapt to the modern logistics network. The real estate industry, the city of Xining will be adjusted to optimize the housing supply structure, strengthen the regulation of the real estate market, active second-hand housing market, standardize the real estate market system and property management system, and promote the healthy development of the real estate industry. The community service industry, will focus on the development of community health care, housekeeping services, property services, pension nursery, food distribution, repair services and convenience services. Intermediary services, pay attention to play the role of various types of market players and industry associations, to create a fair competitive environment, to promote the development of non-public intermediary institutions. E-commerce will vigorously develop enterprise (B2B), between enterprises and consumers (B2C) e-commerce and third party e-commerce for SMEs, accelerate the development of new economic growth point. Focus on the construction of science and technology services to the west of the city as the center, to parks, universities, research institutes to support multi node technology services network.

at the same time, Xining will also increase the intensity of the introduction of high-level personnel in the service sector, the opening of overseas students "green channel", cultivating a number of key industry leaders in the service sector. On the basis of the existing policy on the introduction of the service sector, the employer may be given within 1 million yuan of resettlement subsidies and included in the current cost. (author: Zhou Jianping)


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