Recently, the "2016 provincial tourism bureau organization for the city of 100 · Damei Qinghai tour activities into the Guangdong province and Shenzhen City, Zhuhai two. A key part of the tourism resources in the province, Xining, Haidong, Haibei and Yushu Tourism Bureau respectively made regional tourism products exhibition.

it is understood that the "Chinese city of 100 · Damei Qinghai Guangdong Tour" promotion activities, our province "one circle and three line three plate three corridor" of tourism products and tourism enterprises with regional characteristics of tourism products is highly concerned by the tourism enterprises in Guangdong, showing great interest in many local tourism enterprises and tourism initiative our province enterprise communication, access to travel information in our province.

in the promotion of the staff, the Provincial Tourism Bureau with the new media platform, online and offline promotion at the same time, WeChat launched the advertising circle of friends in the Shenzhen area, to focus the promotion of pure beauty of Qinghai unique ecological beauty, harmonious beauty, truly realize the innovation of great beauty Qinghai Internet plus tourism promotion mode. During the exhibition, the Qinghai booth crowds, 000 tourist publicity materials were looted, many tourists are attracted to the booth consulting, tourism brochures, tourism scenery, tourist maps and other publicity materials diversified by the Guangdong people favor


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