8 month 23 days, Xining City Public Security Bureau police detachment after nearly 3 months of investigation, successfully destroyed a large criminal gang theft, theft of stolen goods as a whole, arrested 8 suspects, cracked series of theft more than 20 cases, and seized stolen car 2 units, 1 Taiwan, and used in the crime the tools of crime.

at the end of May this year, the investigators after a full investigation to get an important clue: a set of theft and stolen goods as one of the large car theft gang crime means hidden, personnel, strong liquidity, stolen goods channels, a series of crime number. After nearly 3 months of painstaking investigation, the police learned that the gang from Huangzhong County, a number of suspects, car theft, responsible for the Capitol in Xining city and surrounding areas, and then the stolen cars are sold in Yushu, Guoluo, Huangnan and other regions.

August 21st, the gang members to implement theft crime again. 5 pm, the police arrested the suspect Yang Shunting, Riverside Road, Ma Shengbiao. Then, in the evening in Xining City Road, Shangri-La District, the provincial Party School captured near Ma Guoren and Ma and Yang Qilu, Jackie Chan and other sensitive Zhanxiang 6 suspects.

in evidence and police powerful psychological offensive, the suspect confessed since the beginning of the year so far in Xining city and the surrounding area wantonly theft, crime more than 20 cases of crime.

currently, involving 8 suspects have been detention, the case is under further investigation.


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