Recently, the provincial Party committee, the provincial comprehensive deepening of reform leading group chaired the seventeenth meeting of the provincial Party Committee comprehensively deepen reform leading group of the Luo Huining. He stressed the need to thoroughly study and implement the central comprehensive deepening reform and the twenty-first meeting of the leading group spirit, focus on reform as a major political responsibility, highlighting the problem oriented, seize the key link, strengthen the reform of supervision, measures for promoting the reform of the province of the fall flowering.Hao Peng, deputy secretary of the provincial Party committee, deputy head of the leading group, Wang Jianjun, attended the


meeting considered and adopted the principle of Qinghai province comprehensively deepen the reform work approach (trial). Stressed that the party since the third Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee, the province introduced a number of reform initiatives, the intensity of the unprecedented unprecedented, grasping the task of the implementation of the heavy pressure of unprecedented. In general, most of the reforms has been introduced into the implementation phase, and the formation of a number of efforts, there are some components of the results of the reform, the formation of institutional arrangements, some exploration summed up to promote the experience can be replicated. We should also clearly see that in the process of reform, there are still some schemes are too principled and supporting measures of convergence is not in place, lack of innovation, the implementation of the reform of the vitality of grassroots tenacity is not enough etc.. All localities and departments should pay close attention to the reform of inspectors, pay close attention to the implementation of the program, layers of conductive pressure, layers of compaction responsibility, and strive to get through the reform to promote the last mile, and constantly deepen the comprehensive deepening of reform.

meeting pointed out that strengthening the reform of inspectors is an important means to promote the effectiveness of reform. The importance, all localities and departments should fully understand the urgency of the reform of supervision, strengthen the reform of confidence and determination, serious accountability, strict discipline, strengthen the reform of conscious thought and conscious action, through the establishment of the reform process, high efficiency, verifiable implementation mechanism, promote the reform initiatives, see the effectiveness of early landing. To highlight the focus of inspectors. Full implementation of the central and provincial arrangements for the deployment of major reform issues and important reform programs to carry out supervision, to promote the effectiveness of the reform tasks to achieve tangible results. Two to implement the responsibility of inspectors. Provincial reform office to coordinate the reform of supervision, reform office and the provincial cities and states the reform tasks lead unit to guard duties, responsibility and responsible, to ensure the implementation of the tasks of reform. All localities and departments to determine the focus of a number of reform inspectors project, efforts to build up and down through the horizontal linkage of the inspectors work pattern. Three to do a good job inspectors. Carry it out as a key to promote reform, strengthen supervision function, perfect supervision mechanism, the implementation of the introduction of a major program after the timely tracking, comprehensive inspectors of central new reform policies, timely grasp and promote the implementation, achieve the implementation of decisions where inspectors will follow up to where the decision goal is not achieved, supervision do not stop. Four to strengthen the use of results. To sum up the experience of promoting reform in time, so that the results of practice can be increased to the system. For the problems found, to a list, a clear responsibility, time limit, and rectification. To explain away, delay the wrangling, push repeatedly, reform of the lack of attention, and carry out the research through weakness, to serious accountability. Inspectors to inspect the situation as a result of the reform of various departments in the region;

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