The night before a shower, in October 1st around Qinghai cool breeze sent, colorful autumn rain more dazzling, attracting Chinese and foreign tourists enjoy the tour. Statistics from the provincial holiday office, "eleven" golden week on the first day, the main attractions festive atmosphere rich tourists, joy and harmony, ushered in the opener. On the same day, Qinghai Lake scenic tourists 3931 passengers, Kumbum Monastery received 4320 visitors, 4500 tourists Guide, Xining City People’s Park tourists 6775 passengers, Xunhua green homes of 8024 tourists, Tu homeland Park tourists 7393 passengers, 4926 passengers Golmud tourists. Long before the advent of the market, reporters learned that the investigation, golden week has not yet come, many of our province, scenic tourism County, Hostel Haus am Turm has thermal field, there are many foreign tourists come in a throng in advance to start the holiday trip in Qinghai Province, many hotel occupancy and holiday booking daily rise, the industry forecast in our province this year golden autumn National Day travel the market is expected to once again set off peak. The afternoon of September 28th, the reporter visited the Kumbum Monastery scenic area to see tourists bustling, including from outside the province, the province, and some foreign friends come here, they or family travel, or friends with each other, or the couple walk in Kumbum Monastery, the feelings of a mysterious sacred Buddhist culture. 60 year old from Jiangsu tourists Lv Jingpu said: "I was with a group of US delegation to the 102 people, old and young family to the 11 people, the area of the infrastructure, the market order is very good, here to feel the broad and profound Buddhist culture, it is not a virtual trip." I brought this group of more than and 100 people, like such a large group, I have recently brought a few, during the National Day Qinghai tourism crowd will certainly increase significantly." Tour guide Zhao Yanyan said. 29, 11 am, reporters came to Xining in the hotel to see the source, the gate of the hotel parking lot almost full". Hotel staff: "every day, some of the neighboring provinces of Shaanxi Gansu Ningxia Qinghai self driving tour more, this year we launched a series of preferential measures for online booking rooms, now respond well, we expect this holiday occupancy rate will reach 50%." 30 afternoon, the reporter went to the 7 Days Inn Xining North Street store, in the front desk to see there are 3 tourists from Beijing are checking in procedures. Assistant Manager, told reporters: Although the ‘eleven’ has not yet arrived, but we are the official website of the official website of the chain of the day of the is very good, is expected during the national day, we store room occupancy rate can exceed the peak season of 90%." September 29th at 3 in the afternoon, the reporter visited the official website to see the 7 Days Inn, 7 Days Inn North Street shop, Xiguan Street store has been temporarily filled with economic room.  

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