In June 14th thirty-second, East District workers Games held at the Qinghai National University Stadium, a total of 34 teams, more than 1200 cadres and workers participated in the Olympic Games, the game is not only a review of the level of sports development in the area, but also on the level of economic and social development in the area of a big show.

this sports clubhouse games multi fun sport among the cadres and workers, such as 50 meters kangaroo chicken, cattle, 30 meters double Hyderabad, leggings ran 30 meters four crazy "Caterpillar", public transport, darts, eight meters rope, flag run, bowling a total of 13 games also, the rules of the game, all kinds of fun, such as 50 meter kangaroo athletes legs into the sack, from the starting point to the end point jump; "crazy caterpillar" requirements of the two male and two female athletes on the "crazy caterpillar" to return to the corner for victory…… In the game, the region’s cadres and workers fully carry forward the "fair competition, unity forge ahead, tenacious struggle, courage and success," the sports moral fashion, the game out of style, out of the level. In addition, the opening ceremony of the games also held a large square dance theatrical performances, performances sub dynamic, heritage, harmony, the end of the 4 parts, a vivid display of the eastern cadres and workers high spirited spirit.  

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