In order to regulate the tourism market, for tourists to provide a good environment, recently, the Municipal Tourism Bureau and City Bureau of transportation yunguanchu, City Administration Bureau carried out comprehensive remediation activities in our city tourist attractions, inspection found a number of travel agencies are not standardized, the phenomenon of incomplete procedures.

July 9th, reporters follow the inspectors came to the Kumbum Monastery scenic area, to inspect the 23 tour travel agency, the main inspection tour guide "three single card" (i.e., single delegate itinerary, tour card, single passenger feedback) are complete, whether the vehicle carrying tourism operating permit etc.. Inspection of the reporter found that the majority of travel agencies are not standardized phenomenon: the tour guide did not wear the tour guide license, travel vehicles without a license. Among them, the presence of Gansu overseas travel agencies cross regional reception, three single incomplete phenomenon, was fined $500.

City Tourism Bureau official said, in accordance with the relevant provisions of the tour guide if you need to pick up the mission, the need for local records only after the mission, with the tour group must wear a tour guide. Although the city tourism department every year, the relevant departments jointly carry out remediation activities, but the tour guide is not required to wear a tour card phenomenon still exists, the next step will continue to increase the intensity of rectification, regulate the tourism market as soon as possible.

on the same day, the city Department of transportation yunguanchu operating department with the Huangzhong County transportation management has dealt with 4 vehicles operating permit is not required to carry tourist vehicles.


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