This year, Huangyuan cultural tourism integration development as a strategic choice to promote the development of the tourism industry, the traditional characteristics of commodities, such as a large number of cultural advantages embroidered skin into the industrial advantages. It is understood that the "Plateau", "spirit of Tibetan antelope Princess Wencheng of Huangyuan" Dan Gar leather embroidery works has been the Beijing Olympic Organizing Committee of. It is reported that since 2012, the Huangyuan county government invested 600 thousand yuan, as the research and Development Co., ltd.. At present, the company developed leather embroidery works covering family decorative icon series, small home supplies series, jewelry series, especially the characteristics of tourism commodity sachet, cloth, hand embroidered slippers very popular with tourists. The county through the combination of culture and tourism effectively enhance the image of tourism in Huangyuan, and promote the rapid development of tourism.  

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