December 29, 2014, the Municipal Intermediate People’s court and the West District People’s court in the province took the lead in the establishment of environmental resources division, and in January 1, 2015, environmental resources division officially accepted the case, the city’s environmental resources all involved in civil and administrative cases by the people’s Court of Chengxi district or city intermediate people’s court accepted.
it is reported that the environmental resources division set civil and administrative trial in one, the main duties of the intermediate people’s court trial court of environmental resources, including: the trial of first instance involving air, water, soil and other natural environmental pollution infringement of civil cases and administrative cases, relates to the development of civil cases involving ownership disputes and administrative cases of geology the protection of mineral resources, forests, grasslands, and relates to the inland river, lakes, beaches, wetlands and other natural resources, environmental protection, development and utilization of environmental resources in civil disputes and administrative cases; to review not suit of civil cases involving environmental resources and administrative cases of lower people’s court judgment, to guide the people’s court at a lower level of environmental resources civil and administrative trial work. While the West District People’s court hearing the cross regional centralized resources related to environmental civil and administrative cases, because the provincial and municipal land resources, forestry, water conservancy and environmental resources, ecological protection and related departments in the West District, West District People’s court in the trial of a case for communication and coordination with the environment and resources policy location advantage.


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