see the other shop business is hot, so many investors choose their own shop, however, business is difficult to make people satisfied, it is often a "fatal killer" existence. So, the business failure of the killer? Let Xiaobian for the majority of operators to analyze, if there is a problem in this area, but also need to be corrected as soon as possible, and thus help the store’s business oh.

is the most important thing for the store business to prevent the trap of failure. The shop one day, there is a certain fixed costs, if there is no income profit will be depleted". If the retail business owners encounter a business failure, we must quickly find the reasons, timely adjustments to reverse the pattern. To this end, the reporter visited the investigation of a large number of shops, according to the characteristics of the store business, to find the store’s five deadly killer to the majority of retail owners reference.

first, the business is doomed to failure". Reporter survey found that a lot of people who have failed business experience often have one thing in common: operating only from their own view of the favorable point of view of the problem, rather than a comprehensive analysis and judgment. Hohhot is a community of tobacco shops boss Wang said: "I used to run a restaurant of non-staple food, because the road is the road traffic flow, but few stay consumption, is very difficult to do this business."

he thought: a lot of shops operating failure, an important reason is that the project should not operate. Finally had to change shop, do tobacco monopoly." Experts believe that the "doomed business" is not the real consumer demand business in special locations provides no consumer demand for goods and services, which will make the business in the end.

two, shop location error. A store location for its own survival and development of a critical significance, a good or bad location is an important criterion of customer traffic. Many retailers said that large traffic shops, business is bound to prosper. Low traffic sites can only waiting for him, waiting for is to put up the shutters. But there are retail bosses think: "shop address is very important, but it is not the most important choice of the address is not necessarily successful, optional error will fail."

three, poor management. Store business is the most need to manage the business, under normal circumstances, poor management, including improper use, neglect of customers, purchase errors, replenishment is not timely, site management confusion, will bring losses to the business. Nanjing Wangwang non-staple food in the beginning of operations because of supply management problems almost closed. Ms. Zhang recalled the boss: the first shop to manage the supply of goods into the good, supply, sales to the right, so that the shops do not want to make money is difficult. Many stores often fail in the choice of supply turnover."

four, lack of professional knowledge, industry experience and business relationships. Professional >

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