a restaurant if you want to have a higher traffic, to create a higher profit, naturally also need to have a higher turnover rate. Turn both Taiwan and guest checkout rate seems to have no relationship between what actually, a careful analysis of the relationship between the two is very close, different restaurants will choose different ways of paying, so choose a suitable way of closing is very important.

what is the difference between a meal before or after a meal?

for the checkout guests, they take the restaurant seat in mind for granted, because they may also continue to order, they have moral basis and support.

for the guests before the meal checkout, they want to quickly finish the meal, eat quickly leave, they do not want to point anything, take more than a minute their hearts have a very uncomfortable feeling.

two different billing methods, the impact on the restaurant’s customers is huge, so do not look down on this small difference.

in the face of the customer’s different state of mind, the restaurant to local conditions".

so what restaurant is suitable for lunch after the bill?

for the ordinary hotel, after meal checkout good choice for customers, customers into a hotel for dinner is such that customers to choose a hotel, and then enter the restaurant, the waiter took the menu to the customer, the waiter recommended this hotel specials, for customer orders, and then eat, in this process, the customer does not necessarily produce what the other needs, the customer ordering uncertainty determines the hotel must settle up after a meal.

what kind of restaurant is suitable for pre – meal checkout?


is really in front of the restaurant to urge the guests to hurry up and eat quickly, such as the effect of pre checkout is very suitable for fast food restaurants, why do you say so?

one reason: to solve the problem of manpower

reasons two: fast food restaurants to eat during peak traffic is very large, in the face of so many people and orders, meal checkout can effectively improve the operating efficiency of the restaurant, to prevent the occurrence of a single run.

reasons three: people who eat in fast food restaurants, usually a fast food is enough, will not increase the consumption of any other, so it is more suitable for pre dinner checkout.

fast food restaurants include not only western fast food, but also a lot of Chinese fast food

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