fish, although there is a market, however, the fish is also a very risky thing, a careless, it is possible to let fry sick, so that the experience of fish is really very valuable. In the town water outlet village in Guangdong province Yangchun City, tiny spots of fishponds and hatching pool throughout the village of more than 3 thousand and 800 people, more than 2 thousand people engaged in hatching fry industry. These are known as the "cornucopia" incubator has become the backbone of the local farmers’ income of the economy.

local farmers to promote the breeding of sweet scented osmanthus, is a veteran of the village, his name is Fan Shaohe, 53 years old this year, is not very tall but very talkative, with the experience of breeding fish for 30 years. He is also the first to introduce the town water and find out who osmanthus fry hatching technology. His daily work is to deal with the fry, enthusiastically for each of the people who come to the door to introduce his "fry", so that the technology to benefit the broad masses of sweet scented osmanthus fry hatching.

difficult to explore the sweet scented osmanthus fry hatching technology

fan and Shaoxing is Yangchun Lake Town Water Village, retired in 1986 after returning home business, engaged in four fish fry hatching and breeding work.

because the four big fish fry fish and meat market saturation, not how to make money, sometimes at a loss. 1993, the urgent transformation of the fan Shao and through market research found that sweet scented osmanthus fish in the market as fresh seafood sales, high price good sales, up to 80 yuan per catty. In the South China Sea in Foshan, the sweet scented osmanthus has become the local farmers to become rich in the industry, and the formation of a professional market. Fan Shao and understand the situation, from the Jiangmen Institute of aquatic products purchased 40 thousand yuan to return to the village of sweet scented osmanthus fish, hoping to be a gun and red.

, however, the sweet scented osmanthus fish as a rare species of fish is not good enough to feed, and its cultivation techniques are very different from the four fish. The reality also gave van Shaoxing and a bar, due to lack of experience, the first batch of fish The whole army was wiped out. He let the tears is, this 40 thousand yuan 10 thousand yuan he spent 13 days sold 15 pigs raised, even selling pig money boondoggle.

does not bow to the fate of the fan Shao and he found books as a warning for the future, hard day and night, looking forward to make a turnaround. The reality is to give him a joke, book knowledge is not practical, the second batch of fish is finished. So, fan Shao and embarked on the road to learn, he is adjacent to the town to a successful experience of farmers to learn, but got even cold-shoulder treatment, ginseng seedling field requirements of fish being rejected.

ask for help. Sink the heart of fan Shao and come up with the spirit of soldiers endure hardship, decided to explore their own sweet scented osmanthus fish breeding and hatching technology. He observed the growth process of the fish in the fish pond, and gradually mastered the cultivation of sweet scented osmanthus fish. Mandarin fish after spawning, he was squatting in the night hatching pool changes, gazing at the fish. As recommended

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