cigarette is an important component of many retail stores, the store’s profit in the end how, and the operation of cigarettes has a great relationship. And here, Xiao Bian warned you that the cigarette business will be able to do four real, so that the business will really be guaranteed, the development prospects will be better oh.

1, purchase tokujitsu. Tobacco business is a special laws and regulations, shall not follow and desire, not mad about money. Master a principle: non tobacco companies smoke into. This will put an end to a lot of unnecessary trouble.

2, price truth. All brands of cigarettes have a suggested retail price. Retail merchants are only allowed to sell on the price of cigarettes on the counter. This is called blatantly, the convenience of customers to purchase, maintain the market order, to avoid vicious competition, but also to ensure their reasonable profit.

3, integrity and pragmatic. Honest business, heart is magnanimous maestro, to thrive in perfect sympathy with each other, good luck. As the saying goes, "integrity of the world" is the reason.

4, solid service. Do you pay attention to business. Must have the correct language expression ability, the polite business language and the hard-working spirit. As far as possible for the sake of customers, convenient customer shopping.

although each individual business principles are different, however, any business in the industry must be able to master the relevant skills. So, if you are now operating cigarette business, such a "four real", you can do it? In your business development process, you will pay attention to this kind of work?

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