shop to do business, there must be competition between peers, how to keep his position to keep the competition, is worth pondering, when doing business, even the same street, we all have counterparts, the price competition is can hardly be avoided things, but once into a price war, the final the profits will be greatly reduced. So, how can we avoid price war? The following Xiaobian to introduce you to a few strokes.

1, do not easily cut

when a store of a product to lose market share and unsalable, the price is not the first to consider. First consider whether there is a problem with the product itself, unable to meet the needs of customers, and through the marketing and distribution strategies and other aspects of the investment to guide consumers. In other words, do not always ready to cut prices, from the marketing point of view to enhance the purchasing power of consumers.

2, innovation differentiation

businesses can continue to innovate to generate differentiated business strategy. Innovation can be reflected in many aspects, including technical innovation, new product introduction, payment conditions, convenience, service level, etc.. From price competition to differentiated competition, businesses can provide services and products in different degree, which is converted into different prices to different product sales to the different needs of consumers. As a result, the competition has been watered down, more different quality products or services are available to consumers, businesses will be a corresponding increase in profits.

3, cooperate with competitors

do not attempt to kill your competitors to gain more market share, you should learn how to live with them. Even if you beat your opponent in a competition, you may also be under the expense of another competitor. In the price war was put to death the competitors are forced to sell assets to win competitors, which makes these new competitors become more competitive and aggressive, resulting in endless price war.

any rational competitor will realize that the price war will not get an additional market share. Therefore, it is wise not to dwell on the price war, to live with the competitors and learn how to cooperate effectively with them. As a matter of fact, it is a good thing to have a competitor when the store turns into a different competition. Because competitors will serve different segments of the market, so that store products more attractive to the target market.

of different brands in order to attract more customers, the competition methods used are somewhat similar, common are the several now many shops in order to compete for customers, the price and products of their own, but this is actually a vicious competition, is not conducive to market development recommendation

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