with the maturity of e-commerce, many people like to buy online shopping mall, kitchen electric industry has a new trend of development. Relevant information shows that consumers have the following characteristics in online shopping kitchen power:

1. although in traditional Chinese society, the kitchen is a woman’s world, but the study found that the purchase of electricity consumers more than women, and married men.

2, kitchen electric online shopping consumers are mainly concentrated in the age of 18 ~ 35 years old; education to college or above; living conditions, and family members of the home ownership.

3, online shopping kitchen electricity consumer online shopping is usually a long time, the majority of consumers online shopping time more than 3 years.

4, the study found that consumers have access to online shopping is the main channel of Taobao and Tmall, Taobao occupy a greater advantage. The qualitative study also found that the same as the kitchen electricity consumers, difference of low star high star consumers and consumers to purchase channels: low star consumers will sooner or later to entities under the line super view of commodity brands and models, and then taobao.com purchase; high star users are online shopping.

5, the study found that consumers are very value online shopping kitchen electric brand, and the brand must be tried before or has the brand impression, not heard of the name. The main reason why consumers pay attention to the brand is that the brand means that the quality of the goods is better and the after-sale service is more secure.

learned features of consumers shopping, in order to better grasp the needs of consumers. Many consumers love to buy kitchen electrical products on the Internet, showing the above several features, online shopping behavior of consumers, to a certain extent, the enterprise may not be the favorite "nouveau riche behavior", therefore, we must attach great importance to, but also need to rational treatment.


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