is a beautiful 27 year old graduate student, give up decent work, give up high wages, striving to be the beauty squid. Near the Zhongshan Park in Yinchuan, Li Wenjun is grilled squid, she is a graduate student of China University of Geosciences, operating a more than ten square meters of squid shop. Store opened in May 20th, but with imported squid from Argentina, a combination of a variety of flavors, clean and healthy operation, the average daily sales reached 4000 yuan.

The proportion of female entrepreneurs in

The high degree of

excellent business groups

from the barberry church to the universe to Rice noodles rolls squid beauty, it is not difficult to find, the high degree of targeting the third industry (service industry), but also create new styles, in a large industry, a subdivision of others do not notice, take it as a starting point, to start their own business therefore, the third industry is the economic and social development of the sunrise industry, has gradually become the entrepreneurs "land".


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