shop to do business, if not able to audit accounts every day, shop cleaning every day, but also can not do not say what, with real "shuaishouzhanggui". If the business has become shuaishouzhanggui shop, and the outcome would probably be similar. Below, let Xiaobian to introduce "shuaishouzhanggui" after the results of.

"eleven" during the golden week, Wuqiao acrobatics world tourists seem to play more than usual, I shop and acrobatics world scenic six hundred or seven hundred meters apart, the business of the shop with the number of visitors to get busy. That day, it was more than eight in the evening, I was about to shut the door to rest, Zhang Aiguo pushed the door came in. He came in and said, "give me 10 yuan of red river."!" This patriotic is my colleague friend, his shop business area, the goods are complete, the location is on the opposite side of the acrobatic world tourist attractions.

I took a cigarette for him and smiled and joked with him: "Zhang boss is really a surplus of energy, busy in the day during the day, but also out of the evening stroll ah?" "Where is the shop, my shop was transferred a month ago!" Zhang boss made me very surprised, before every tourist season, Zhang boss shop around a few shops in the business but the busiest and most profitable, although it is not easy to do business, compared to his home shop still has the advantage.

originally, at the beginning of the year, Zhang boss in a friend’s Guide to play speculation stocks. At the beginning, Zhang boss has earned several small sum, this let a boss think, shop business is bad now, the stock market also may become a way of earning money. Zhang Aiguo’s shop only a computer, put in his shop upstairs bedroom, since Zhang boss on stocks, he is not all tied in the upstairs staring at the computer to buy and sell sell stock, is to go to friends "study" the stock market, the downstairs cigarette and liquor vendor business solely to hire him and one of his distant niece, on their own shops completely as a "walk away treasurer", he no longer had opened, and there is no longer any time pondering some promotional ideas. Every day, Zhang boss just close the niece to collect the money.

let the boss Zhang did not think that his mind is not only a distant niece "flexible", and the hands are not clean. Zhang boss inadvertently, his niece sellers, regardless of how much to sell, she has written in the business log is the lowest, earn all the money in their own pockets, she saw Zhang boss did not mind to take care of the shop, lax management, often ten block eight to steal the money till. In this way, more than half a year down, Zhang boss not only did not make money, lost sixty thousand or seventy thousand yuan, the store’s business is deteriorating, almost every month to lose money. Finally, Zhang boss had to transfer the smoke of the hotel to go out to work in the glass factory development zone.

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