in today’s social life, barbecue is a popular beauty, while some barbecue shop business has been popular, many entrepreneurs have to join the ranks, so how to successfully open a barbecue shop in


A, store decoration style of the decoration is a store management style, at the same time, smoke, fire and other special needs grill required, also need to find a construction team experience. Therefore, the decoration must find relevant experience of the company. Barbecue shop decoration should be concise, generous, clean as the theme.

two, apply for a business license business, must first apply for the relevant license. License application is generally divided into two kinds: one is the applicant company license, issued by the trade and Industry Bureau; the other is the capital of the smaller, just apply for the registration of for-profit business, by the local industrial and commercial counties. Most barbecue stores due to the capital is not large, as long as the registration of profit. In addition, to go to the tax authorities for the relevant tax surgery, unified invoice, unless it is allowed to use a unified invoice.

three, the recruitment of staff recruitment staff to have employee card, to the field staff to have identity cards, temporary residence permits, but also have health certificate.

four, procurement of raw materials, appliances and equipment equipment, air conditioning, freezer, grill freezers, dining tables and chairs etc.. A lot of small objects, detailed list of goods than three, reduce costs.

five, and cook with the product category, cost calculation, the launch of the flagship varieties, and then determine the price.

six, try the best opening promotion business a week, familiar with the management, the staff after running in period. Avoid because of poor service, the loss of a large number of tourists. With some work experience, we can open a business to meet a large number of customers. Opening ceremony, to hold some promotional activities. For example, send discount coupons, cash coupons, sweepstakes, etc..

In fact, for many


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