delicacy temptation always make people unable to hide greeds. Roasted Chicken, fried chicken, chicken, chicken, spicy chicken market…… In order to chicken for food delicacy, or you might have tried a lot of different flavor, and "fried chicken" is definitely a senior chowhound can not miss the food.

it has a "blockbuster" name "crows", it boasts of fried egg tasty! Just as the name of the same, "crows fried chicken" to create a new model of chicken dishes, and create a theme culture, mass consumption and unique taste of the food and beverage brands, and its hot secret here.

1, theme culture, to create a different atmosphere

"crows fried chicken" why "blockbuster"

"Mom, look at the two chickens under the tree."

"there are chickens over there, some are drinking, some are walking."

in the "crows fried chicken meal, the children always find fun. However, the store is not chicken children say and chicken, but a piece of hand-painted with chicken as the protagonist of the painting on the wall in the dining room.

looks around the restaurant, a variety of hand painted chicken themed lifelike, refreshing. There are chicks under the big game, there are food for the rooster, as well as chicken model decorations, so that people suddenly into the kingdom of chicken. Yes, "crows fried chicken" is the chicken culture into the environment, not only the environment beautiful novel, and prominent theme, full of innocence.

According to the

brand co-founder Mr. Liu Weiqi introduced, in order to create a distinctive "chicken" theme culture, storefront decoration specially invited well-known experts in the store hand carefully drawn up various forms of chicken, light which had a lot of time, can be described as "imaginative".

it is noon or night, into the "crows fried chicken", more than and 200 square meters of shops are full of customers, with pleasure, gobble down and there are a lot of standing, such as the location of the customer. Xiao Bian asked how to eat the customer evaluation of the vast majority of thumbs up praise: delicious, cheap, this theme restaurant is really good!

2, free mode, affordable mass consumption

"crows fried chicken" why "blockbuster"

to the "crows" in addition to eat will point fried chicken, also found that the store offers a variety of free food. In the dining room stood in the center of the free supply. "

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