human potential is unlimited, in exceptional circumstances, will produce a huge capacity to meet their own needs. The fear of such a psychological activity, but also to give people unlimited imagination and ability, Hansk is the case, and also created a remarkable career.

Grow up

security back to shore after hanske doing some research. It is found that most of the advanced luxury ships use the same low-quality lighting equipment. After talking to the owners and visiting a number of trade shows, he began to design an electric light, like an electric antenna, which can be used to control the opening, closing, lifting and lowering of the ship’s console.

1998, hanske gave up his law practice, devote yourself to the operation of the company in. More recently, he has extended his business to the production of special lights for trucks, trailers and motorcycles. A sport that makes a company, in 2001, the 15 company’s revenue reached $1 million 600 thousand.

hanske, now have their own ship, but he has little time to enjoy boating fun like the past. When he returned to the ship on time, his mind flashed the thrilling moments of the twilight. He said, "if people’s needs are the mother of invention, perhaps fear is the father of invention."

our life can not be without strong wind and big waves, Everything is going smoothly., small thrilling always appear at every stage of life, if we all like hanske so make full use of it, then we can certainly build a belong to our own strong career!

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